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A Cat In Paris

I watched A Cat In Paris yesterday. 9/10 stars.
Seriously. Was not expecting it to be that good, but it surprised me! I’ve been looking for a specific French film about a cat (a memory from my childhood) for quite some time now. This wasn’t the film I was looking for. Although it was French, animated, and about a cat…

Essentially the film follows a cat between his two lives. He lives his days with a lonely little girl named Zoe, and his nights with a cat burglar (har har). The ending is a happy one, even though the entire film is a little sad.

I was on the edge of my seat for parts, and laughed aloud (which I rarely do with movies).
The art was spectacular, and I loved the complexities and simplicities. There was whole scene where everything was black, you could hear what was going on , and then the cat burglar put his night vision goggles on. Then you could see a simple white outline on the black background, as the cat and burglar crept through the bad guys in the dark.

Very cool. Highly recommended.
It would have gotten 10/10 if there were more ‘music’. I’ve been lamenting the fall of classic Disney, and their awesome musical scenes.

Also… if you know of or find a film about a French cat living on the streets with a really scary animated bad-guy… let me know, please!