A Cat In Paris

I watched A Cat In Paris yesterday. 9/10 stars.
Seriously. Was not expecting it to be that good, but it surprised me! I’ve been looking for a specific French film about a cat (a memory from my childhood) for quite some time now. This wasn’t the film I was looking for. Although it was French, animated, and about a cat…

Essentially the film follows a cat between his two lives. He lives his days with a lonely little girl named Zoe, and his nights with a cat burglar (har har). The ending is a happy one, even though the entire film is a little sad.

I was on the edge of my seat for parts, and laughed aloud (which I rarely do with movies).
The art was spectacular, and I loved the complexities and simplicities. There was whole scene where everything was black, you could hear what was going on , and then the cat burglar put his night vision goggles on. Then you could see a simple white outline on the black background, as the cat and burglar crept through the bad guys in the dark.

Very cool. Highly recommended.
It would have gotten 10/10 if there were more ‘music’. I’ve been lamenting the fall of classic Disney, and their awesome musical scenes.

Also… if you know of or find a film about a French cat living on the streets with a really scary animated bad-guy… let me know, please!


Xavier Rudd @ First Ave

A photo of Xavier Rudd at First Ave 5/10/2011:


Last night I went to a “Dirty Hippie” concert. It was AMAZING. First Ave is one of my favorite places to go to see a good show in Minneapoilis, but seeing a one-man-band play the didgeridoo, guitar, harmonica, drums, chimes and sing all in one song is just plain awe inspiring.

With one opening band, Honey Honey, who were making “goo-goo eyes” at each other the whole time, the audience didn’t have to wait too long for Xavier. Honey Honey consisted of one guy playing a guitar and singing back up while hitting the bass drum, and a lady on the lead microphone who played the banjo or violin. It was very country/roots. I enjoyed it quite a bit. A few of their songs showed great variety in their style; one reminiscent of a tango while another had a very “stompy” 80’s line dancing feel.

A little background on Xavier; he’s an Australian musician and surfer who sings about spreading love, understanding and conservation. Here is a bit from his song “Messages” which everyone in the building knew all the words to:

So speak out loud
Of the things you are proud
And if you love this coast
Then keep it clean as it evolves
Because the way that it shines
May just dwindle with time
With the changes it will confront

His sound resonates and encourages the crowd to dance and sing along. First Ave was packed with Hippies, from Hoola-Hoop and over-all wearing dancers to the feather and flower wearing head-bobbers. Everyone was dancing and having a good time.

Young and Old alike were enjoying the positive energetic show. Fresh friendships were sprouted, and family groups danced together to their favorite songs as the hours sped by with Xavier’s provision of a great soundtrack.